Experts in medical coating and surface modification

Covalon Technologies Ltd. (“Covalon”) develops and commercializes proprietary technologies for major medical device manufacturers. Our partners include the top medical device companies, leaders in urology, wound care, vascular access, venture capital, niche specialty companies and major contract manufacturers.

Covalon OEM Technologies is a division of Covalon Technologies Ltd. based in Mississauga, Canada, with regional headquarters in major cities across the world. Our team’s expertise spans science and technology, clinical, research and development, manufacturing and regulatory approval.

Together, we develop customized solutions for better patient outcomes.



World class quality control is at the core of every single one of our projects. Covalon Technologies Ltd. is ISO 13485: 2016, MDSAP and FDA QSR certified, and follows strict GMP processes to support product development from concept to scalable market release.

We are the holder of dozens of regulatory clearances with the FDA, Health Canada and other jurisdictions and our team has extensive experience in international regulatory pathways. Our facilities include functional development and microbiology labs, in-house manufacturing facilities, and our product lineup includes Class 1 exempt products through to Class 4.

Our Team

Covalon’s award winning team works closely with multiple stakeholders within each company to develop customized products that offer strategic marketing advantages, improved clinical outcomes, and favourable pricing models.

Over eighty-five percent of our staff hold advanced academic degrees, with core competencies in chemistry, biology, microbiology and physics, and are recognized in the medical industry as leading experts in:

·       Customized medical device coatings

·       Antimicrobial and infection control

·       Advanced wound care dressings

·       Controlled drug delivery