Why Partner with Us

Covalon OEM Technologies is a world leader in leader in surface modification and drug delivery, with world-class facilities and people, and over 20 years in the business. Covalon Technologies Ltd.’s medical technology has proven itself in a number of medical verticals, making us the “go-to” resource for surface modification and API delivery for dozens of leading medical companies, including Fortune100 and Fortune 500 companies. Our award-winning team works closely with each client to develop customized products that offer market shifting advantages with improved clinical outcomes.

We deal with highly sensitive and competitive information when working with partners and are serious about confidentiality. Many of our relationships are confidential & prevent us from disclosing details about our customer base, projects & accomplishments.

What does partnering with Covalon OEM Technologies look like?

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Feasibility Demonstration

Partnership Process rev 22.jpg

Business Evaluation

Partnership Process rev 23.jpg

Design Planning

Partnership Process rev 24.jpg

Product Development

Partnership Process rev 25.jpg

Design Verification

Partnership Process rev 26.jpg

Commercial License | Tech Transfer or Supply Agreement