Technology Platforms

Our coating, silicone and biomatrix technologies focus on the challenges surrounding infection prevention, patient comfort and tissue repair. Using proven chemistries in our customizable technology platforms, combined with controlled delivery, our capacities encompass wide varieties of medical concerns.

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CovaCoat® | Coating Technology

A highly versatile coating, CovaCoat® is a photochemical process, that enables permanent covalent attachment of the coating to a wide variety of medical devices. Each formulation is specifically tailored to the device, and can be engineered to improve lubricity, hemocompatibility, infection prevention and controlled delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). 

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CovaClear™ | Silicone Adhesive Technology

A transparent silicone adhesive that can be incorporated into dressings or onto device surfaces. It is gentle on the skin and supports the accurate dosing, prolonged elution and localized delivery of different active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

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ColActive® | Collagen Biomatrix Technology

A “pro-active” collagen technology that enables enhanced wound healing. Our collagen technology can be customized to create unique advanced wound care, trauma and surgical repair products, including capabilities to load various cell binding modalities and/or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).